Take the Pledge Today – Vote Not Fight

The Vote Note Fight Campaign and The Electorate Awake and Participate Project invites young people, key political leaders, and social influencers to take the pledge. The Pledge states our readiness to Vote and not Partake in any forms of inciting electoral violence .

  • I pledge to promote peaceful youth participation in 2019 elections and beyond.
  • I pledge to participate in all elections peacefully and practice non-violence toward anyone.
  • I pledge to serve as an ambassador of the “Vote Not Fight Campaign” and preach the message of peace and promote nonviolence in Nigeria’s electoral and political processes.

As a mark of commitment to this pledge, I will:

Encourage other individuals, politicians and organizations to promote the “Vote Not Fight” campaign and peaceful participation in electoral and political processes in Nigeria.

To take the Pledge, Kindly visit www.votenotfight.org