Media Awareness and Justice Initiative – Vote Not Fight – Rivers State

The Vote Not Fight: Election No Be War campaign is a civic education and voter enlightenment program designed to promote peaceful elections in Nigeria and seeks to re orientate Nigerian Youths to shift from using violent means of expressing their political views to peaceful and constitutional means. Through the campaign, young people are being enlightened to participate in the political and electoral processes in order to make themselves relevant and their voices heard. The campaign also believes that youth are the greatest resource in Nigeria and are agents of peace.

The Media Awareness and Justice Initiative (MAJI), is collaborating with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), is carrying out the awareness and education of youths in Rivers State. The project looks at achieving the following objectives

  • To increase youth voter turnout and peaceful participation in elections

  • To increase non-violent and positive youth engagement with political candidates and stakeholders on issues affecting them

  • To create awareness among young people on the importance of voting correctly