Training of Community people on Civic rights and Voters Education

The Media Awareness and Justice Initiative Trained a total of 851 persons from 8 Local Government Areas in Rivers State.

The main objectives of the trainings were

  1. To educate and build the capacity of the rural and urban target communities on the electoral framework, the voting process and their various civic rights during the forthcoming elections in the state.
  2. To build the capacity of the target communities and them with the needed updates and responses on the projects’ election monitoring strategies, INEC timelines, Electoral participation and interactive ways to partner with INEC to promote free, fair and ensure a violence-free electoral process.

The training focused of the following topics to achieve maximum interaction

  • Definitions of Democracy and the practice in Nigerian States and LGAs.
  • Elections, PVCs and the Electioneering process in the Nigerian Democratic space.
  • The role of citizenry in the electioneering process and actions that can lead to accountability and transparency for good governance.

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